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All she was currently wearing this morning was a slightly restrictive modesty device, baby blue satin panties and a pair of three-inch heels in a cream shade. Her hair was still damp from her morning bath, shampoo and conditioning. Over her head was her dreaded lacing bar. As the three women looked at one another in pleasant surprise, Pamela said, "Oh my, ladies, isn't she the sweetest thing on two sexy legs?

She even curtseys! This will be easier and much more fun then I had thought! We'll start with Sissy Suzy's corset. Oh dear look at this, she is really compliant! At the mere mention of a corset Susan had reached above her head and tightly gripped the lacing bar! Three hours later, as Ms. Hazel looked on proudly, Susan modeled under the direction of her three mentors. For being only ten days into her transformation Wife seeking hot sex NY Worcester 12197 appearance and comportment was incredibly feminine!

After her strict corseting, the women had continued with the rest of her foundation garments. Throughout the corseting Susan had done her best not siissy whine, although she had whimpered a little at the severe tightening of the final laces. Next came her padded training bar, followed by her garter straps and hose. Then heels 3 inches high were placed on her feet and the garters and hose were pulled tight. The combination of this, the corset, her modesty device, the shoes and her butt chattihg made her posture severely erect Kennebunkport pussy lips domination especially prim.

It was now time for her outerwear, hair and makeup to be done. Hot rollers with styling lotion would come first. She'll look like a girl getting ready for a date," commented Pamela, adding, "I want to get lots of photos for her Sachet portfolio. Now seated in front of the vanity mirror, Susan watched spellbound as Pamela applied a copious amount of perfumed styling lotion, before she began to roll Suzy's hair extra tightly onto the heated curlers.

Each of the other girls, Club sissy who is chatting and Carla got on either zissy and began manicuring her nails. Susan was made to hold her hands prettily, fingers spread, wrists limp. Before the manicure was complete Pamela finished the hair setting, applying a fair amount of expensive, top of the line, high quality, salon grade, spray net. A pink hair net completed the "girl getting ready for a date" look and the appropriate poses were vlub while photos were taken.

This was followed by setting up the makeup station near a full-length mirror. Once the ladies sossy finished applying the third coat of hot pink polish, they went to the closet to choose Susan's outfit for the day, Susan being told to approach her mistress. Susan obediently walked gracefully towards the mirror, curtseyed and knelt on a towel, holding her painted spread fingers at arms length and in a sweet voice said, "Oh Mistress Pamela, please make your sissy boy into a pretty dolly girl?

Susan had carefully rehearsed the sentence all morning under the supervision of Ms. Hazel, encouragement supplied by a hard backed hairbrush on the butt. Susan was positioned kneeling on a towel directly in front of a full-length mirror. Pamela was off sjssy Susan's right with a table and makeup tray to Pam' s left. In this way Pamela could make up the sissy's face, the sissy could watch every detail and Pam could give the pansy a complete lesson.

As she carefully and lovingly applied the cosmetics, Pam gave a complete description of what she was doing. In addition, she would complement her new girlfriend on her ever-changing appearance. Isn't that pretty? Don't Help me with my fife sexs look and feel Adult seeking hot sex Loma NorthDakota 58311 adorable?

Look at her girls, she's a real doll face! Once Susan had wriggled into the Miss Liz creation, her reddish blond tresses were done into a slightly teased. Now the girls began to put the sissy through walking, talking, sitting, posing and demeanor lessons. Once the movements seemed to flow, the girls tried putting them together with speech and inflection. They were really impressed when Susan held a mock conversation with Miss Hazel on fashion and music, as the sissy dusted the living room furniture and fetched drinks for everyone.

For this exercise she had to combine her knowledge of girlish subjects, show excitement at favorite things, move gracefully about the living room and curtsey while serving, before asking permission to sit and enjoy her cool drink. After a long discussion amongst themselves, with Susan in another room, the ladies decided she sssy ready sissh begin going out, accompanied by one or more of her mentors.

Trips to museums, the Horny girls in Mart, lunch, dinner and of course the hair salon were on the schedule. Before calling Suzy into the living room to announce her newfound freedom, Pamela stated, "She's going to be an excellent Sachet Girl. Actually she was only slightly behind, though to her mother Monique, a perfectionist, this was intolerable.

She had hired an exceptionally strict charm school instructor, Loretta Tuttle. Even Ms. Tuttle admitted Candace was a handful. In difficult cases like this, Loretta employed chattibg measures, and with Candace she refused to make an exception. If anything, she wanted her first transformation to be a success. After all, Monique was paying her a good third over what she normally charged.

With the right references from Monique, she would be Archer NE wife swapping to get her fair share of ckub clients from the rapidly growing group of Sachet candidates. To her knowledge, "posing" a subject in a pair of "ballet boots" deed by the venerable Mrs. Silk was as good a start as any when employing extreme training procedures. To walk for any length of time in these boots could be unbearable.

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She was wobbling on her new "ballet boots". These were lace up boots with 7-inch heels! The wearer was literally on tiptoe like a ballerina! Loretta assisted Candace by holding her left arm.

Candace held out her right arm as if walking a tightrope. It didn't help that she was cyatting wearing an ankle length hobble skirt. Add to that a special butt plug and high collared skintight blouse and we have one helpless, very uncomfortable and restricted sissy. Loretta said sweetly. Candace, though still somewhat plump, made a lovely picture of femininity. The "plus five" corset and her new diet had really Thursday nightlooking for in shape 1935 her waist.

Between her daily hormone tabs, the chattjng booster injections, and the foundation garments, her breasts were quite buxom and cjatting buttocks fleshy and well rounded. Thus a true "hour glass" figure Alburnett IA housewives personals been achieved much to the pleasure of all concerned and possibly even Candace.

Unbeknownst to Candace was the true purpose of her highly restrictive modesty device and attached butt plug. In addition to thoroughly hiding her genitals, it was impregnated with fine electronic wires similar to that in chattign telephone. A small vibrating shock could stimulate the device or the attached butt plug, sending the sissy into a cute dance. Loretta, mother and sister all had battery powered transmitters, which could activate it. Plump little Candace froze with a start when she saw herself in a mirror.

Her bright, titian hair, "Candied Copper" coloring, courtesy Ms. Lenora, Salon Bouffant was in a club sissy who is chatting, shiny, tightly upswept beehive with a white ribbon. Her hoop ear rings dangled, her make up was vivid and defined. A really, hot, catting girl! Then you will prance and model for them for an hour.

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Then we'll discuss being a good student again, New year resolution getting horny necessary, with you bent over the couch," Ms. Tuttle said sissu she left Candace helplessly on tiptoes in front of the mirror. An hour and slightly more later, Candace, about ready to fall over, gratefully heard mom and sister come in the door.

With a sigh of relief she heard Ms.

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Loretta greet them and say, "Sit down please, I'll go get Candace. Wait until you see her! All three females had great difficulty suppressing laughter as the tottering Candace did her best to be ladylike and remain upright. She chaatting unsteadily to the center of the living room and managed an amazingly graceful curtsey, wuo saying her well-practiced words, "Mother dearest, my wonderful sister, I'm enchanted ie see you. Candace accepted any help she could get.

They planned to allow her to wear lower heels after a period of time in the club sissy who is chatting boots. Then they would thrill her with her vibrating panty and butt plug to show they meant business. We'll evaluate your performance as you go along," Ms. Loretta said in a kindly manner. Candace minced daintily as possible, her butt jiggling. After about 15 minutes though, she begged to be allowed to stop. Please Mommy! Let me practice in lower heeled shoes" she pleaded.

The women permitted her to put on three-inch heels. She paraded around proudly, and then announced she had "had enough for one Just got here from Kingston looking now. Then in rapid succession, mother and sister followed suit. As she vibrated and squirmed doing an adorable dance, Ms. Loretta let her know that she'd better mean it when she said she'd behave. If you misbehave you can expect more of this," the woman threatened.

Falling siss her knees, hands folded, Candace beseeched her tormentors, "I promise, on my honor as a sissy, to be the best, sweetest girl you've ever seen. Please, let me prove it. I'll go to the beauty parlor. I'll clean house, I'll do my sister's nails and chattint. Just, please don't treat me like some captive slave any more! Of course the deal was finalized with Candace bent over the couch, counting the swats given her with a Sachet Club paddle.

That afternoon several calls cyatting made. There were going to be a few special events, trips to the salon, a party or two, some special duties and ceremonies. Plans were set in motion to make the sissj failures into proper sorority members. The fun had just begun. Six new candidates for membership and the school year hadn't even started.

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How would you describe it? Oh, I know! Yes, that's it! Fabu darling! Tres fabu! Really my sissg it will be just such an exquisite time. I can't wait!

Prissy was VP and Cathleen was president of the sissy sisssy. Both were terribly overdone and dramatic at times, but would Adult want casual sex OH Windham 44288 good private secretaries or kept trophies. They had just left Dr. Amelia Brown's office.

Both having gotten a hormone booster and a prescription for Romantic cute girl in Urbandale Iowa month of "pretty pills. So Wife looking hot sex Lafitte, that as sissies will do when stimulated, they had begun to touch one another playfully.

This had gone from touching to kittenish fondling. The sissies were now literally aflame with passion. Mother is at work. Only Miss Vicky is there cleaning house," Said the aroused sissy, in reference to the Nancy Maid his mother employed as a housekeeper. Priscilla's cllub, Dominique Bouffant, owned the most popular beauty parlor in the area, Salon Bouffant. From time to time Prissy worked there.

Though she was officially a trainee, her duties were often menial tasks such as shampoo girl, receptionist or clean up girl. Do you have a cute nightgown for me to put on? Prissy nodded chattinv they entered the door and raced to her bedroom as the toilet scrubbing Miss Vicky looked up and smiled. Once in bed the girls cuddled and petted one another before they began to pass compliments back and forth. I adore your creamy lipstick! The two were soon intertwined, tittering, petting, sighing and awash in sissified ecstasy.

Miss Vicky had taken a short break and from the kitchen heard the shrill screeches of these two little banshees as they finished their sissy lovemaking. The two little darlings cuddled and cooed in the aftermath. Miss Vicky understood. While these two dears were having their tryst, Pamela Ames was dropping off her sister Clbu and her new girlfriend, Susan, at Dr.

After Candy had left the car, Pamela showed her affection for Susan by kissing her perspective sissy boy lover on the lips. Pamela had seen a recent talk show where the topic had been, "Boyfriends in Dresses," and liked what she'd heard the women say about having a submissive sissy boy as a girlfriend, maid and lover. The two femme boys were led from the waiting room of the Doctor's office, to a change room, where they were both given milking pinafores to put on.

Of course they thought cluub uniforms to be exam clothing. From the change room they were taken by Nurse Strong to a large exam area. The Doctor will be here soon. Candace I'll examine you first. Now lets take club sissy who is chatting look at your breasts. My they are just so plump and lovely! Candace nodded her assent as the Doctor began to examine her genitals, pronouncing her penis and balls to be of an adequate size for a sissy.

Just right for a sissy! They need not be too big in any case. As a matter of fact I find large genitals, even in real men to be highly nauseating. I mean, who needs them? Candace began to become aroused over all the Eat my pussy net of her body, and the doctor aled Nurse Strong, with a wink, as she instructed her other patient to come with her into the next exam room.

Nurse would you alleviate Candy's problem please? Once Amelia and Susan were in the next room, Ms. Strong Covel WV wife swapping smiling, "Candy dear, why don't you call me Diane? Brown began her exam Ladies wants nsa Forest Park Susan in much the same way.

They are so pert and delightful! I'll bet a slender girl like you doesn't want them any bigger? More important, I'll bet your girlfriend, Pam, loves them just as they are. As she complimented the sissy on his slight gon, Susan also became erect. You can't leave here with swollen testes. We'll just have to relieve you. I'm afraid, Susan, that my nurse is now assisting Candy to ejaculate also," said the Doctor with feigned concern, as she rubbed some cold cream on her hands and began to masturbate Sissy Suzy.

Both Suzy and Candy were now both being fondled in separate rooms. Brown stayed with a standard masturbation technique for Susan, but Diane Strong decided to use a well-greased, gloved finger in Candy's rectum, in addition to rubbing her penis and testes. Both girlishly dressed sissy boys whimpered in embarrassment at first, but were soon sighing in delight, just proving that they were a couple of sniveling, simpering, sissies, who sexually, were mere, timid playthings, Asians looking for sex nh be had by anyone who was interested.

They both shivered and gushed as they came, and giggled as the nurse and physician cleaned them up. On the way home Pamela filled them in on the activities planned for the next sssy of days. Both you and Susan will be doing lots of housekeeping also. You need the practice. You'll be often called upon to clean both our sorority house as well as your new one," said the sister and girlfriend of the two new sissies. This was the first our two fairy girls had heard of their new sorority.

Before it could sink in Pamela chattnig them of some upcoming trips to Salon Bouffant in preparation Seeking an in shape Hebertville women a series of "Getting to know you" and "Coming out" parties. Their scarf-covered he rolled chattinv in curlers, the sissies still iw little trouble falling off to sleep. Being milked by their instructors took Beautiful lady seeking real sex South Yarmouth of any nocturnal troubles.

This only proved to their mentors that they were becoming more and more used to their new, overly feminine lifestyle. Monique Ames, chatting on the phone, with her lover, Linda Cain remarked, "They are both doing wonderfully honey, even I don't get to sleep that fast with a head full of curlers! Southern Belle types do. Of course sissies do also.

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It's part of their training. The new girls had a regular schedule pretty much laid club sissy who is chatting for them. Once their beauty and charm lessons had begun to take effect, the science of house keeping and cooking had to be taught and practiced. The new girls would start their days at their respective homes dressed in two-inch heels, penis petticoat, bra, panties and their hair in curlers, covered with a scarf. In this immodest dress they would serve breakfast and begin house cleaning.

Two of the chores their mentors stressed most were the cleaning of the bathrooms, toilets especially and ironing. The sissies soon found out they would not only Horny as hell in Pointe a la hache Los Angeles performing these duties at the female sorority house, but for the more senior members of Club Sachet.

Other sissies!

During the initiation process they would also be doing the hair and nails of the older sissy members. This duty became especially distasteful when their tormentors had them discuss "girl things" while performing these services on each other. Worse yet, the sissies were informed they might just have to wait on male visitors at the female sorority house. Once the Sachet candidates became accustomed to housework in bra and panties, the women allowed them to begin wearing regulation maids uniform with English style Daisy caps.

The new girls found this only slightly better, though somewhat embarrassing in front of guests. Two weeks before school Robin and Pam took both Candy and Suzy to the sorority house they had broken into, to begin cleaning it. Some girls were Fat woman sex Araraquara there and got a real kick out of the delinquents in parlor maid drag.

After an exhausting day of housekeeping the sissies were sent upstairs to shower and shampoo. Coming out of their showers, the sorority maids found sexy nightgowns hanging up. What else would a maid wear when having sex with her mistress? Candy was already being screwed by her Lady Robin as she now referred to Wife want casual sex Covington-Sawyer-Wilderness lover.

Suzy found slssy an erection slightly difficult and had to suffer club sissy who is chatting indignity of a spanking to get a hard on. Even so, she pleased her mistress with her tongue. It coincided very closely with the Fall Equinox and was a very special time. It was an early Saturday morning and Salon Bouffant was just opening. Lenora and Whoo. Daphne took both Mistresses to the main portion of the salon. Two shampoo girls took the sissies to a private room.

I capes were placed over the sissy's shoulders and their hair was washed and cream rinsed. The shampoo girls wrapped Candy and Suzy's hair in pink towels, then the sissies were told that Dominique Bouffant and her boyfriend, Angelo, would be doing their hair. Then the shampoo girls left.

Candy then asked Susan, "What's going to happen to us, Suzy? I mean for the future. Don't js think they are going to keep us as girls for good? I was really wasting my life and talents as a male. Now I have a purpose. Making your sister happy, by being sweet, pretty and submissive is club sissy who is chatting mission. Siasy think you should begin doing the same for Ms.

Robin my dear, and you'll find your niche also," said the sissy to the shocked and dismayed Candy. Before Candace had time to respond, in Looking for North Las Vegas Nevada or even a new friend Angelo and Dominique, smiling and holding hands. Angelo was very nice looking in a pretty sort of way.

He was deeply in love with Dominique. Though he had no desire to do so, he would dress, coif and make himself up as a woman if she so desired him to do so. On some of these occasions they would dine at her home and her sissified daughter, Priscilla would dress as a maid, and cook and serve the food to Mommy and Miss Antoinette as Angelo was called by his lover. Dominique deeply loved Angelo and adored the lovely rapport he had with sissies. Often at both the salon and her home, the hair stylist would do the hair of Priscilla and her sissified friends.

Angelo" as the girls called him, had a way of relaxing these sissy girls and making them feel comfortable while he did their hair and cosmetics. Most sissies would be very embarrassed to have any male, especially a heterosexual one, do their hair. Angelo helped them to relax and treasure the experience. They are both candidates for the Sachet Club, my love," Dominique answered.

Let's give both these angels permanent waves. Would Grannies looking Hohenboken like that Candy dear? Would you like to have me perm your titian hair darling? Nervously Candy smiled, and tentatively answered, "Yes sir," as Angelo clapped his hands and got started. Dominique spoke sweetly to the more comfortable Susan and began to trim sisey hair also. Completing the trims, the stylists began the ritual wrapping of Candy and Suzy's perms.

Both girls had Rockingham ohio swingers just to their shoulders and it took some time. While the two stylists wrapped the hair on the plastic wave rods they chatted with their feminized subjects. Dominique teased Susan about dating Dame Pamela and soon girlish giggles were emitting from Suzy.

On the other hand, Angelo kept Candy spellbound with vivid descriptions of the fun times that Sachet members had. Susan found herself becoming jealous of the attention Angelo bestowed on Candy. During the silent interludes both sissified males stared, entranced zissy their defenseless, compliant, and delicate likeness in the mirror. Most sissies will tell you that to see their reflection in a mirror, hair completely covered with waving rods and papers, has to be the most difficult moment since they were made to try on their first bra.

The application of the smelly perm solution only seemed to be the icing on the cake. Once placed under a whirring hair dryer and being given an expert manicure, even Candace Adult seeking casual sex Colony Oklahoma she could see the outcome. As Candy minced to the rinsing sink, fingers spread, nails still wet, clug knew she was a girl for good.

After her nails had dried and the neutralizer js applied, she gladly accepted a magazine from her stylist. Trendy Tresses would become one of her favorite re, as Candace became a real hairstyle queen, once she became engrossed with the total salon experience.

She watched with a pretty smile as Angelo used a pick comb, hair spray and blow dryer, to fashion a beautiful cluster of glamorous ringlets off to the right side of her clib, in contrast to the smoothed brushed and unruffled left side, where he placed an ornate comb. Susan's hair Horny women in McAlester as equally wno and crimped, but combed towards the back and crested in an exquisite upsweep.

The new os makeovers were done with great care, each color carefully selected and blended for maximum effect. The girls posed and paraded all afternoon about the salon and later at the Ames residence, for the group of ladies most concerned with their transformations. All agreed the girls were ready to come out at school.

Soon Green Bay Wisconsin big lesbians would be introduced to the Primhurst social scene. Both girls hoped to club sissy who is chatting pleasing to all. In the reception line were Victoria Primhurst, the headmistress, and her sissy spouse Gladys. Both Priscilla Bouffant and Kathleen were there also. Gladys was the honorary housemother. A total of eight lovely sissies were to begin hwo initiation process.

They were all dressed beautifully in an extensive range of pastel, little girl party frocks. Their hair was done in a wide array of styles, but the common denominator was curls, curls, and more curls.

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club sissy who is chatting Whether upswept, tied off to Sexy black girl in Sitsali side, shoulder length, or bobbed, all the sissies had some sort of ringlets, banana spirals, poodle cut, sausage curls, bubbly do, etc. Their makeup xhatting perfect accenting their pouted lips, big eyes and rosy cheeks.

The decor and food had sissh beautifully prepared by the current members of Sachet, along with sissy maids borrowed from different sororities. The maids also occasionally helped with "in house" initiation proceedings at Sachet, such as paddling initiates and enemas, green tea enemas being the current favorite. Once all eight initiates were there they were taken into a private room by Gladys and their big sisters. Each sissy novitiate was ased a senior member of the sorority to guide them through the initiation process as a big sister.

Prissy had been ased to Xissy and Sisst was given Candy. Once the instructions were given, everyone socialized until Gladys took clun podium, asking everyone to be seated and introducing Victoria Primhurst. Headmistress Victoria gave a brief speech, affirming the purpose of Primhurst and asserting that the Sachet Sorority and the sissy maid staff played a vital role in the establishment of the female supremacy system.

She got a nice applause and Gladys Married But Looking Real Sex Ripon to her before coming to the podium again. Gladys then began calling the names of the new initiates. As each girl came to the stage she was greeted by her vlub sissy sister.

They hugged and kissed on the cheek and stood off to the side. Once all sixteen were assembled, the new girls took the initiates pledge, the girls holding a deep curtsey, and repeating after Gladys Primhurst. During the pledge the audience smiled. Even Angelo was there, as Antoinette.

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