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Chat 02

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Chat 02

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Versions: 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Network Working Group F. Strauss Internet-Draft S. Note that other groups may also distribute working documents as Internet-Drafts.

Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six months and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents at any time. It is inappropriate to use Internet-Drafts as reference material or to cite them other than Sexy fuck big Madisonville com "work in progress.

This Internet-Draft will expire on December 22, All Rights Reserved. Abstract This memo presents a protocol for a peer-to-peer based chat system. Messages can be cryptographically ed and encrypted allowing authentic and closed chat 02 communication. This work is the output of a practical course on distributed systems at the Technical University of Braunschweig.

India election candidate's tactic - a chat and a cup of tea

It is experimental work that is not intended to go to the IETF chat 02 track. The Architecture. The Protocol. Security Considerations. Open Issues. Besides text messages, the user can enter commands to his local chat application in order to switch to other channels, list existing channels, etc. Traditional chat systems are based on servers - either a single server or a static network of servers.

Each user has to connect to Naughty woman want sex Rosemead well-known server in order to start chat communication. In contrast to that server approach, this document presents a peer-to-peer chat architecture. This means that all nodes chag the chat network behave equally from the protocol point of view.

To chat 02 the network of chat participants the nodes just have to know about a set of potential peers. Only some of them have to be reachable, so that those reachable can be integrated into the network of peer-to-peer chat nodes. Note that there may be multiple nodes located on a common host.

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From the perspective of one node and regarding a given link, the peer is 20 node at the remote end of the link. See also "user". Link, connection: Two nodes may be connected through a link. Each link, once established, can be used chat 02 both directions. Message: Data transfered between two nodes on a connection is encoded in a message. Messages Housewives want hot sex Weissport XML documents.

See Section 3.

User, User ID: A user is a typically human participant in the chat network. Users and nodes are in a relationship.

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Channel: Communication is organized in channels. Each user may subscribe to and unsubscribe from a channel in order to control which text messages received at a node shall be presented to the user. A channel is identified by a short Tonganoxie KS adult personals pattern, e. Channel creator: Each user can create a new channel. Public channel: Traffic on a public channel is not encrypted, cat each chat 02 can read it and send text messages to such a channel.

This list is initialized by the channel creator and may be extended by each channel member. This is not a security risk, since each member can decode and forward the 0, anyway. Channel member: Serbia women fucking of a closed channel. Channel key: Messages to closed channels are encrypted using a common symmetric channel key. The channel creator decides about the key type and its parameters.

The key is distributed through asymmetrically encrypted key distribution messages to the channel members. Certificate: X. The Architecture 2.

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Upon startup, a node tries to connect to cjat limited of peer nodes. The list of peer nodes has to be stored in a persistent local storage.

Each node MUST always be willing to accept incoming peer connections, even if its limit is reached. In that case, the peer might decide to close down other connections with an appropriate reason, but it might also serve a larger of incoming connections simultaneously. Each connection can chat 02 used symmetrically, i. Connections can be closed down by both sides at any point in time. The details of peer node and connection management are an implementation issue. Most messages within the network are flooded: text messages, channel announcements, certificate lookups, certificates, etc.

This simplifies the routing dramatically and it gives all peers a better chance to care about a consistent and persistent configuration if their local ressources allow iteven if some peers disconnect temporarily. Due to another simplification there is no spanning tree approach. Each node simply forwards an incoming message on all links except the one on which the message has been receivedif it has not been received before and if the TTL counter, which is decremented on each hop, is not yet zero.

This way messages appear twice on redundant Attention ladies hot man fun here, but it simplifies the protocol ificantly.

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In some situation it is reasonable to send a message just to the peer on a link, chat 02. In this case the TTL counter is simply initialized with the value 1. Furthermore, nodes that wish to reduce redundant traffic might also wish to reduce redundant links char shutdown those links that have been identified to be redundant. However, implementations may also be operational lacking these cryptographic functionalitiesif the RSA keypair and X.

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The concatenation of all text sub-nodes of cnat message Online sex Aurora at the message type node form the input to the ing process see the XML Schema definition in Appendix A for further details. All messages of a closed channel Caht be encrypted using symmetric cryptography. Therefore, the creator of a closed channel generates a shared secret key which is sent encrypted to all participants upon request and optionally in advance using the respective public key of each participant.

Further symmetric algorithms may be added in the future. The Protocol This section describes the peer-to-peer chat protocol version 1. Since multiple messages are transported sequentially on a link, there 022 be an unambiguous framing that separates messages from each other and clearly allows to al the end of a message.

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This is done chat 02 a single line with xhat trailing CR LF sequence that contains just a decimal ASCII encoded that als the length in octets of the subsequent message. All protocol messages are handled asynchronously, i.

Note that the reasonable initial TTL values are only except for Sweet seeking real sex Cedar Rapids cases "1" for messages sent only to a direct peer and "32" for chat 02 messages. The named message types are equal to the name of the one and only direct child element of the corresponding "chat-message" root element. Note that message types are just written all caps in this document for readability. Note that users who are on the list are allowed to add further members to the list by sending a new CHANNEL message with the extended list.

There is no way to reduce the list, since it is Rutland girls naked not possible to revoke a shared secret. Note furthermore, that a public channel cannot later be turned into a closed channel. There is 022 way to actively close or remove a channel. This is usually caused by the wish to verify the ature of a received message, when the according certificate is not yet available at the local node.

Wife swap in Enfield Illinois can be a broadcasted announcement by the owner of the certificate, e. Besides the channel and the used cipher, the key message contains a of pairs of a user ID and the key encrypted for that user. For each of these pairs the sender MUST be sure that the user is a member of the closed channel and the public key used for the key encryption really belongs to that user.

This is usually cat through a certificate verification process. It is also possible to address several users with one KEY message, e. Chxt this case the key is included several times, each time encrypted with the respective user's public key.

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A Just looking for tonight w or mw can send a channel key encapsulated in a 20 message. It is the duty of the sender of a KEY message to ensure that the public key really belongs the the user and that the user is really a member of the channel. Security Considerations This document defines an application protocol to carry potentially private or authentic information.

The protocol addresses these needs through the application of strong cryptographic digest and encryption algorithms. This document requires implementations to support a minimal common set of cryptographic algorithms xhat that from the specifications point of view secure communication can be guaranteed. At the current status the protocol takes no measures to protect against DoS attacks by peers. Open Issues There are chat 02 lot of issues that could not be addressed within the scope of this document and the time frame of the project on which this document is based.


Here are some of those issues that we are aware of, but that we did not address intentionally. MIME encoding or otherwise arbitrary chat 02 of messages is not supported. In that case ISO is suggested. Explicit unicast one-to-one communication could be meaningful in some situations, e. However, this is not supported by this specification. A more intelligent routing algorithm would be very reasonable so that messages are routed on paths with no subscribed Hot women wants sex Halton addressed receivers.

However, for the current medium sized environment and for less complexity it seems reasonable to flood all messages on all paths. The current version of the protocol does not scale well and is vulnerable to DoS attacks. Acknowledgements The protocol described in this memo is the output of a practical course on distributed systems that has been conducted at the Technical University of Braunschweig in April - July,